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Our core business is the global trade of marine fuel oil and marine gas oil for commerical maritime shipping.


We trade all products and qualities for our customers in accordance with the latest ISO standards. We use our global network of suppliers whom we have known for many years, both major suppliers and independent ones, and with whom we are in contact on a daily basis and have optimal credit lines, to guarantee you the best possible prices and deliveries.


Nowadays fuels form a very high proportion of the running costs of a seagoing vessel. To be able to optimise costs in a highly volatile market as best as possible, an appropriate, responsible and independent partner is needed, which we are.

Our service includes the following:

  • Detailed market analyses with daily indications and weekly market reports
  • Efficient bunkering that corresponds to your worldwide shipping route
  • Individual payment agreements
  • Continuous after-sales service for optimal delivery upon arrival